Dating : What things will fuckboys NEVER do or say?

Dating : What things will fuckboys NEVER do or say?

**A little bit of backstory as to why I’m asking this:**

There’s a chance I could be dealing with a ‘nice fuckboy’ that I met through Hinge

I’ve been on a couple dates with him. Both times, he was super sweet, fun and the date felt natural & easy, complimented me, held my hand. He’s really attractive, but I would say we are both at the same attractiveness level.

There’s a lot of things that tell me he could be a fuckboy (mostly things based on social media that I’ve discovered) but also a lot of things that tell me he’s not (mostly things that happen on our dates). I don’t know if I’m overthinking and questioning his intentions to protect myself by labeling him as such.

With that being said, **what would a true ‘nice fuckboy’ NEVER do/say on a date?** Are there signs I should be looking for to determine that he’s definitely not a fuckboy and actually likes me?

What do you think?

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