Dating : What to do about tinder hook ups who text and respond erratically?

Dating : What to do about tinder hook ups who text and respond erratically?

So there’s this guy that I matched with, we just talked very little. He just asked me if I was looking for something serious and I said no and that’s all the discussion we had.
We slept together on the first date and since then, he asked me to meet two or three times, but every single time we would discuss it and later he’d be like,  » it will take you too long, then you have to leave early so let’s do it later » and it just kept getting deferred. We stopped talking eventually. This was 2 months ago.
Since then I’ve been at my parents place in another state and this guy has texted me two times asking me how I am and when I will be back. However, there is no other conversation and I didn’t want to ask him things because earlier he would just ignore those messages.
What do I do about this guy? I just want a reliable, regular hook up, which I don’t think this guy can be. I feel it’s too early to have a conversation. Should I just bail? I don’t like to be kept hanging. I stop talking and then he’ll pull me back in and be weird again.
I’m fine with casual sex, but I find this kind of behavior still very shady and the type of people who do this want everything to be on their terms. Am I wrong to think that?

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  1. You said it yourself “which I don’t think could be this guy.” Just let it go, you’ll find plenty more dudes looking for casual sex on tinder.

  2. You’ve already established a connection of a purely sexual nature. You don’t need to chit chat. Just find a time and ask him the day before you want to meet if he wants to hook up. Chances are he will say yes because sex. If he says no but still seems interested, maybe he genuinely can’t make it so drop the conversation and then text him the next time you wanna hook up.

  3. you both wanted casual sex. You both got it.

    So aside from the generic trappings of promiscuity, what is your problem? You want long philosophical conversations in between casual sex encounters?

    > I don’t like to be kept hanging.

    LOL you aren’t hanging. This is a casual sex « nothing serious » Tinder relationship.

    Maybe you are coming to grips with the realization that « casual sex » is a myth.

  4. You got exactly what you wanted though? You made it very clear you are not looking for anything serious and that was it. What did you expect?


    Some women these days smh

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