Dating : What to do when she has a 1 night stand with your friend?

Dating : What to do when she has a 1 night stand with your friend?

So I don’t know what’s wrong with me but this has literally happened twice in a three month period.

1. I meet this girl and we went on several dates. But she was always kind of cagey and I could tell things weren’t okay with her. She wanted to go out drinking with me and friends one night so I invited her out. She got too drunk and spilled to a friend that she had a « secret boyfriend » and « please don’t tell [me]. » Anyway I stopped pursuing after that but it was like Jan-June with several dates. Flash forward to two weeks ago. This same girl meets one of my friends and gets too drunk and does some adderal and hours after meeting him tells him « I’ll blow you right now in the bar if you want. » Like WTF
2. Another time, a girl I had been pursuing, with even less results here because every time I would try to get serious or broach the idea of a date she would say stuff like, « I like having fun with you but I would rather stay single. » Friendzone totally I get it. But like one time I introduced her to my friend and he takes her home the night they meet. Most recently another girl I had pursed, and this is a girl who found out through the grapevine about girl in number one and reached out me to first for us to hang out.

Like what do I do??

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