Dating : When to text my ex after break up?

Dating : When to text my ex after break up?

So I’m trying to decide when I 27[M] should text my ex 31[F] because I’d like to work things out and get back together or just be friends.

For some back story we had been dating for over three months but had been work friends for a year. About a month into our relationship she moved in with me and the two months we lived together we’re amazing, we never fought and I thought we were building something special.

I recently went on a three week work trip where I was half way across the world and we didn’t get to talk much. Maybe once a day and only for 20 mins since we were both busy.

The day I returned from my trip is when the break up happened. She said while I was away she realized she needed space and to live alone. She went further to say that she wasn’t entirely over her ex even though they broke up six months ago and couldn’t give me all the love I deserved. She repeatedly stated that I had done nothing wrong, I was amazing but she just needed to be alone and not around anyone.

After she dropped the news she packed up all her stuff, shoved it into her car and went to off to stay with an “acquaintance” and rent a room that was available.

So idk what to do.
I don’t want to push too hard, but I’d really like to continue the relationship we were building.

What do you think?


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  1. If you want her to want you back (if she isn’t trying to go back to here ex), the biggest thing you can do to be attractive to her again, is to move on. Go find and do things that make you happy. Go on dates.

    If she wants you back one day, she’ll see how strong your spirit is and see you as confident. That will be the most attractive light you could be seen in.

    Pawing at the door begging for scraps a week later? Even if you get her back, you’ll never get respect back.

    Listen to what everyone is saying. No.

  2. You can casually start a conversation about how she’s doing. Her attitude towards you should dictate whether or not this has any future.

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