Dating : Why do people stare at me and my girlfriend?

Dating : Why do people stare at me and my girlfriend?

We are very close and affectionate in public, but could there be other reasons? We are not an interracial couple.

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  1. There are bunch of reasons why. Maybe the area is very religious PDA isn’t that accepted. PDA is frowned upon in that types of areas. I just saw that on this TV show called 90 days fiance. Nicole likes to hold hands and stuff like that but Azen felt uncomfortable because he said it isn’t okay to hold hands in public in where he lives. I’m not sure about that but the only example that I personal have gone through is. So, I have this best friend his gay he is very thick and looks masculine and I am a straight woman that is also very think. Most of the time people would mistakenly assume we are together and I have no problem with that. It’s just the constant staring that’s bothering me. I think it’s because they think we are together and we are both thick.

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