Dating : Would you give him a second chance?

Dating : Would you give him a second chance?

I (27F) went on a first date a couple weeks ago. The guy (29M) was perfectly fine, but said a couple things during drinks that were a little cringey or sort of making fun of me. Still, I had a nice enough time, and he walked me to my car, (I had one drink and he’d had two, so I think he was a little bit buzzed and I was basically sober), and he put his arm around me and was rattling on about how he was going to kiss me, but he was asking because he’s a gentleman. We stopped at my car, we kissed, and when we pulled away I kinda giggled. He starts yelling (not in a scary way, but being loud), “you’re not supposed to laugh!” I’m kinda speechless, but I just say it was a happy giggle, it was a nice kiss. He’s still going on about it and starts play punching me (but he’s a lot taller than me and ends up punching me in the boob, instead the stomach which I assume was his intended target). When he’s done with that, he slaps me on the ass and started walking to his car, yelling “text me,” over his shoulder. I’m standing there speechless and get in my car. I start crying on the way home, because I just want dating to be easier.

I told a lot of my friends about because at this point I see it as a funny bad date story, but I’ve gotten mixed reactions. Some say they’d give him a second date, while others were seriously pissed and think he’s a pig. I’m kind of in the middle. I’m not going to go out with him again, but it wasn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened.

But I’m curious, in this wide group of daters, what is your reaction? Would you have given it another go? Am I being too sensitive? Or not angry enough?

What do you think?


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