Dating : A date with anxiety, a relationship with distaste

Dating : A date with anxiety, a relationship with distaste

I’m going to start this off with a bit of background. I see posts on here all the time about unless your a 6’+ white Male with tons of money and abs for days, you got the short end of the leash. Now, I would like to state that is BULLSHIT. Here are some statistics about myself before I continue. I am a 6’6″ White Male, blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and not obese. I have a steady income from 2 separate jobs and I’m going to college to become a robotics engineer (dollar dollar Bill’s yall). So, using these REAL statistics and following the « rules » from this dating thread. I should be drowning in the ladies. Yet, I’m single, virgin, and aside from being shy around me. Most people don’t give me the time of day. I have tried Okcupid, POF, whisper, Tinder, bumble,Hinge and quite a few others. My matches usually range from 0 to about 10 if I’m super lucky. On average, I’m told I’m about a 6/10 in most pictures and a 7 or 8 in IRL. I’ve gone on less then 10 dates in my entire life and have had less then 5 relationships (all of which lasted less then a week.)

So, what am I asking? PLEASE STOP

STOP using my kind to make yourself feel better.
I see every race of every hieght, ethnicity, and weight with sexy AF girls. The facts is, you suck, I suck, and the world if completely unfair. GET OVER IT.

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  1. You work two jobs, aren’t obese which doesn’t mean fit, and are in school to be a engineer… That’s 3 things against you right there.

    Women for the most part can’t stand engineers, so that’s not a plus, and you’re not going to make enough money for it to matter, cause you’d need to be at the VP level before you could flash cash.

    So far I’m hearing you’re tall and white, and young…

    When you can actually afford your own place, and to go out and buy a few drinks, you’ll notice it gets a lot easier. But, by and large women just aren’t attracted to men, they’re not nearly as horny as we are, so it’s a beggars game out there for us, guys are always at a disadvantage unless they’re in the top 10%.

  2. You sound like you would be a catch indeed… eventually.

    You are currently a ‘lottery ticket’ with very little time to spend on one woman.

    Stay off the apps and just take some down time to just be out and about and displaying WHO you are not WHAT you are.

    Decide if you want to just have casual sex (personally, I think that’s all your schedule will allow) or a relationship (personally, I think if you want the dolla dolla bills y’all should just focus on your career)

    When you are ready and your life is more settled, you will be a super magnet for the women who want the men with the resources if that is the sort of women you want.

    And yes, sometimes the world is unfair. But there are about 2.5 billion potentially eligible women in the world who may be looking for a dude like you. Embrace the genetic goldmine you have and enhance it with hair, clothes, attitude, home, car and class. YOU WILL HAVE IT ALL IF YOU TAKE ACTION TOWARD THE PICTURE YOU WANT. Just make sure it IS what you want.

    Good luck!

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