Dating : A disagreement in interests

Dating : A disagreement in interests

A little backstory to what has led me to this issue: I have been talking to someone long distance with someone for about a year. The other night we were talking about upcoming game releases and I was told « Do NOT play *that game franchise* around me, I will throw whatever system it is across the room. » in a very serious tone, and it was repeated as well. It’s extremely controlling and abusive and I have a fear of what else they might consider to be a rational decision to something else they don’t like.

I understand that any relationship, dating or friendship, would be hard to find someone 100% on board with everything they do, but I have not experienced anything to the degree of the story above.

I haven’t dated much in general, especially with the intention of marriage, and the earlier situation has me very confused. I just need some guidance and do not want to bother my friends.

My question is simple.. How would other couples handle interests that they disagree on?

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  1. Just not partake in the opposing interest. No need to escalate anything over a simple opinion in interests. If they dont like it, they dont have to participate.

  2. Okay so if the guy is so immature that he can’t handle you having alternative interests, then dump him. But, if he just really doesn’t like it, and you’re fine with him doing his own thing for a bit, then whatever.

    I don’t really see the problem here, and jesus with every girl calling guys controlling and abusive, if it was a drinking game I’d be fucked before 8 am every morning.

  3. Sounds like the guy you thought you were talking to is actually a little child. His true identity has shown. Eventually it does. I’d bounce. Besides it’s long distance anyway.

  4. If I got a message like that, I would have told the other person « I’ll play whatever game franchise I please, thank you very much. », and let them be the one to break it off if it’s really a problem.

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt, I’m a dating newbie without much success.

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