Dating : Don’t let people mentally take advantage of you.

Dating : Don’t let people mentally take advantage of you.

This may seem obvious, right? Well, people honestly don’t see this happening, or don’t understand it is abuse. Don’t let anyone, not your partner, family, NO ONE, take up for their shitty behavior by saying they don’t do something worse. Example:

« Well, I don’t cheat, so this (very crappy thing that makes you upset or uncomfortable) shouldn’t bother you! »

« No, I’m not gonna stop (upsetting behavior). You better be glad I don’t flirt with other people or treat you like garbage. I could be so much worse. »

Subtle example:

« I don’t understand why this upsets you? I’ve done something similar before, so this should be fine. » (This might be the worst, in my opinion.)

You deserve love and respect. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your good heart, your ability to give the benefit of the doubt, or your forgiving nature. If you’re in an abusive situation or in a relationship you’re not happy with, remember, you’re not stuck. It may seem like you’re stuck, but I promise there’s a way out for you. You deserve a partner that listens and cares for your needs mentally.

Anything can be worked through as long as your partner is willing to communicate and work with you. Don’t let someone walk all over you, sometimes when communication doesn’t work, and never did, it’s time to move on. Take care of yourself!

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  1. I confided in my now ex about previous ex and he used it against me. Oh your ex did XYZ at least I’m not doing that. Or, you put up with XYZ so you should be able to deal with what I do. Two words: EFF THAT! Don’t justify your behavior that’s insulting AF!

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