Dating : A girl I like says we should hang , but she told me she has a bf …

Dating : A girl I like says we should hang , but she told me she has a bf …

Last month , I studied one on one with a girl this past semester & overall it went really well .

Yes , we were productive during our studying , but it wasn’t all just purely studying . She playfully teased me here & there , ( & I did the same to her ) . She also made me laugh a lot ( without trying ) , & I made her laugh a lot without trying as well .

All in all , ( even though we didn’t really know each other before getting together ) , nothing was awkward between us ( surprisingly ) & we were both genuinely comfortable with each other’s company . Her smile made me smile & my smile made her smile too …

At one point , we even ended up wearing each others glasses one night haha . We both just clicked like we had known each other for years .

Again , our studying together overall went really well , hence I ended up asking her out because I had really enjoyed her company & I wanted to get to know her more .


Long story short , I asked this girl out , but she told me she has a bf : / …

Right after she told me she had a bf , we added each other on snapchat & instagram

& she told me that  » we should definitely hang next semester : )  » when we get back to campus in the fall .


**Since she put it out there , should I actually try to hangout with her** ( **even though she knows I like her** ) ?

**What should I do** ?


* Thank you for the advice in advance !

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  1. I think she’s using you for all the emotional/friendship perks of having a boyfriend that maybe her current boyfriend isn’t giving her. She’s clearly flirting with you… Which is nice if she was single. But it’s not kind of her to pursue a relationship of any kind with you knowing you like her and that she isn’t available. It’s not fair to you (or her boyfriend) at all.

  2. Hang out with her if you want to hang out with her, you seem to have gotten on well with each other so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to.

  3. Be friends with her, hangout, show her you’re a good guy, not a nice guy, a good guy. Then, meet her friends and see if you like any of them, if you do, ask her to introduce y’all. Whalla. You’re also never banging this chick, so just play it for the long term friend option.

  4. you dont need to fuck every girl you attractive. don’t get weird just be cool. like other guy said she’ll either put you onto her friends or her friends will try to get at u…

  5. She could be bored with her bf. Women do this stupid shit where if they’re not satisfied with their current relationship, they’ll seek an alternative BEFORE ending a for sure thing. IMO it’s pretty weak but hey, it’s just facts. Tread lightly with her, don’t get too close and just keep up the playfulness and flirting as long as she’s reciprocating and if you’re intent on getting with her, let HER make the move as long as she’s still with him. Just don’t become the guy she comes crying to or make yourself available for her.

  6. U can keep pouring ur attention into this narcissistic chicks black hole, in a futile attempt to what, date her, i guess,
    Or u can getchu a fine chick with no boyfriend, and have sexy fun with her

  7. I wouldn’t hang out with her unless you make it a point to get to know her boyfriend as well. If she says she doesn’t want the two of you to meet, don’t hang out with her. She might be trying to cheat on him with you and you could end up in a bad situation if he finds out. (He might attack with fists)

  8. There’s a good chance she doesn’t even consider it flirting and only later realized it could be taken that way. This has happened to me (someone tells me to stop flirting for me to think we were just getting along really well as friends) and it’s happened the other way around where I thought someone was flirting with me.


    There’s a good chance it’s not the stupid bullshit half of these guys in the comments make it out to be. If you want to hang out and be her friend, be her friend, if she happens to break up with the dude and you still like her, see where it leads, but if you’re just going to be hanging out with her to get at her, don’t. This has happened to me twice recently (I’m social and just moved so I’m always meeting new people) where I told guys I wasn’t interested because of a relationship, they tell me it’s fine to just be friends, and we hang out only for them to stop talking to me altogether when they realize I wasn’t leaving a relationship for them.

  9. I’ve been in the same exact situation. It sucks. It was hard to break it off cuz I loved all the attention I was getting from her. It’s tough but it’s best to walk away and put boundaries. Trust me. It’ll only lead to getting hurt. Also even if you were to be in a relationship with her, she’d do the same with other guys.

  10. What di you really want – do you want a platonic friendship? or someone to date and get into a relationship with?

    If it’s the former then go ahead. But if it’s the latter, don’t. You’ll get hing up on her in the hopes that she’ll eventually will give you a chance to be with her. That’s weak behavior.

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