Dating : Finally found an amazing girl for me

Dating : Finally found an amazing girl for me

This girl and I have been talking for a while now and we had gone on a couple dates, but now we’re finally boyfriend and girlfriend. Now I hate to turn this into a negative post, but the relationship is going to be long distance as we are both going away to college. I know we can make it work, but I’m just worried that because she is a bit of a dry texter that it could potentially hurt communication between us. Any advice on the texting or long distance aspect?

What do you think?


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  1. Not to be a pessimist here but I just broke it off with someone because it was long distance and similar issues with texting. I highly encourage trying to have phone calls or face time to compensate and not let texting be your only means of communication. Communication is key in long distance.

  2. Call out the problem and talk about it. As lame as it sounds,communication is key. If you guys are going to be doing long distance you have to figure out your “dry texting”situation.
    Texting, phone calls and FaceTime. That’s all you have.

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