Dating : a hopeless romantic’s shameless rant about modern day dating

Dating : a hopeless romantic’s shameless rant about modern day dating

just a thought or two:

modern day dating is skin-crawling and grey hair-inducing. perhaps the majority of our grandparents vowing to stay together until death do them part is just so common because they don’t have thousands of people following them or liking their pictures when their relationship or marriage gets difficult. the sacredness of healthy relationships is severed by this, amongst many other things. it isn’t uncommon to share every aspect of our lives on social media, and it certainly doesn’t have any intention of becoming less trendy any time soon. however, we value our worths on the false sense of validation, appreciation, and security social media gives us.

not to mention, we romanticize toxicity. we adhere to those who have hurt us and have used us for our kindness/willingness. even in this day and age, a time for progression and empowerment, caring TOO much is a legitimate thing. those who aren’t ready for a relationship and use you to validate them or to fill the space of the shoes their demeaning ex left are selfish. though it may come across as hypocritical of me to voice my thoughts on a social media platform, something i am very well throwing underneath the bus in this accumulation of words, i’m so frustrated as a 21-year-old woman who embraces her maturity and values a person with a defined set of morals. people’s intentions are constantly masked by filters and pretty words with no meaning behind them.

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  1. A girl I was banging half a year ago text me happy father’s day today. I blocked her new number. I don’t have any kids and she knows that.

  2. Our grandmothers were not as happy as you think they were. Wife beating was legal and common. Women needed men to survive because they got paid less.

    Women have freedom and immediately raised their standards. That should fucking tell you something.

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