Dating : About online dating

Dating : About online dating

I M [27], been trying online dating and most “people” are bots. Whenever I do find someone and start texting them, I feel that they are catfishing because I feel like all of them are asking exactly the same questions and whenever i reveal something about myself, they ignore it, then ask a question that I have already answered. Should I continue texting or they are catfishing?

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  1. Even if they aren’t catfishing if that’s the kind of conversation you are having it’s probably not worth it.

    But yes generally if the responses you’re getting have nothing to do with what you said it’s some kind of scam.

    I’ve been having this problem a lot too and it’s getting to the point where every time my tinder goes off it’s like « Oh goody! Let’s see who’s trying to steal my credit card information today! »

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