Dating : Abruptly stopped watching insta story.

Dating : Abruptly stopped watching insta story.

I was dating a guy for 5 months and at the end (december 2020) he is not ready to be in a relationship so i left and he ghosted. Ive been feeling very hurt , depressed and sad ever since. Im trying to move on but i miss him and i hate it. He used to watch my stories on insta but for the past 2 months he just stopped – i don’t understand what i did wrong i never hurt him in anyway. Do guys mute girls on insta to show he just does not give a f**k? Just trying to understand his thinking…

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  1. I’d stop placing importance on who watches an Insta story. Could mean a bunch of things. If you’re no longer dating or speaking then who cares…maybe he’s just moved on…as you should

  2. Lol I just look at close friend story and girls I’m interested in. There waaay to many story and I don’t have time for that. Also the majority of story are not interesting.

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