Dating : Advice for a guy who can’t seem to get a date sorted

Dating : Advice for a guy who can’t seem to get a date sorted

Hey all, i(22M) have met this girl (22F) online, been talking and facetiming since March 2021 and we’ve been trying to get a date sorted since then but either I have work or other commitments and she has work or commitments, we both aren’t looking to rush anything after our last relationships and have talked loads about each other and helped each other out with what I hope was good advice with our ex’s, we have lots in common and share abunch if interestsand hobbies(we also both have kids with our last ex’s and help each other out when we need advice on what to do) and obviously now I’m worried of fizzleing out after going so long without a first date, I also found out she had slept with another guy the other day, I’m not bothered about that as we’re not exclusive to each other heck we haven’t met yet but I’m more shocked how I’ve reacted, not said anything to her but I feel like and from what freinds have said it looks like I’ve caught feelings for a girl I havnt met yet, I’ll admit we’ve both opened up at times emotionally to the other when we’ve had a crap day.

What I’m trying to ask is what should I do next? Carry on as we are and just hope we can get a date arranged and brush these thoughts aside until down the line? And if anyone has some tips for a first date it’d be great as my first first date wasn’t really a date I’d say😂

Apologies for the long winded text too

What do you think?

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