Dating : Advice regarding texting, letting go and letting things flow

Dating : Advice regarding texting, letting go and letting things flow

Backstory; dated this local for 3 months, left 2 weeks ago visa was running out travels must continue. We said we would keep in touch. And see what happens in future. (W.e the duck that means.)

Current: he still texts me every morning and most of the day. We call each other sometimes talk for like an hour or more.

Im getting pretty busy with travel and meeting ppl i guess. I know his routine so he’s okay busy.

About me: never dated lol and I tend to overthink

Texting: so now gaps are getting longer ect. Sometimes conversations just naturally fade and I get that. I just wonder because I have basically zero experience in this field.
Let’s say I said the last thing – can I start a conversation about something else hours later ?

Also so get we’re going to start talking less and less since I’m busy and well you can only text so much right.

More so has anybody had this type of relationship situation? Can I just get some general advice hahah?

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What do you think?

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  1. I can’t speak for all guys so I’ll speak for myself: txting doesn’t mean shit. It’s a poor indicator of my feelings, there’s next to no emotion in text, and it’s annoying having to respond all the time.

    That being said, I’ll reply and keep a conversation going if I feel like it. My GF and I might not reply to each other for the majority of a day and that’s fine. We might be talking about one thing that gets changed to another a few hours later by a response or we might send each other links or pics of stuff the other might find interesting, not requiring a reply.

    Friends of mine don’t really like long conversations held over multiple days, prefer the good old days of texting about SOMETHING and then saying goodbye, goodnight, have a nice day or whatever. There’s almost always a preference to talk about a thing rather than txting for the sake of it.

    There’s a lot of importance placed on txting these days because of the technology we have, and I see stuff like “dump him cos he takes too long to reply”. Sorry to people who think that – but it’s petty and demonstrates the need for external validation.

    Keep ya self busy, best of luck!

  2. Depends on whether you are open to long distance relationship. I tried once with a foreigner, text everyday and sometimes phone calls. Along the way, she sort of lost interest despite us talking for months, she coming over and me going down to meet her as well. She ghosted me eventually and thinking back, I also feel that the temptations of seeking someone closer to me were really hard to resist, especially when you don’t get to see the other party much.

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