Dating : Afraid Ill never find love. Need some reassurance

Dating : Afraid Ill never find love. Need some reassurance

I (26f) have only been in one relationship that lasted 7 months and didn’t have my first boyfriend till I was 24. I’ve had things with guys here and there before then but they never progressed into a serious relationship. My ex dumped me and I was devastated bc I really loved him so much and it took me forever to finally find love. I am a bit picky but definitely not too picky. I have been single for a little over a year now and no luck at alll. I’m on 3 dating apps and I try my best to put myself out there but anytime I go on a date with a guy he just wants to bang or I don’t feel enough chemistry w him so I decide to keep looking. I really don’t want to settle for someone I’m not really into. I know that I am above average attractive, nice, cool, and normal but for some reason the odds are not in my favor and it seems like a never ending cycle of me searching for real love. I want to find the one but it seems nearly impossible. I’m terrified of ending up alone

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  1. Im sure you wont end up alone. Still young. Go out with friends and talk to people at bars. You can know if there’s chemistry before agreeing to first date.

  2. I think online dating is difficult because it is a numbers game, and you gotta go through a LOT sometimes before you find a good match . If you are able to, maybe try meeting someone IRL ? Don’t turn down parties or get-togethers, maybe find a nice bar/restaurant to frequent with friends . Or, join a class or do an excursion . I know this is easier said than done, but a year and no luck is a long time when you’re actively trying .

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