Dating : Am I a shitty person for not responding to a message and then he unmatched

Dating : Am I a shitty person for not responding to a message and then he unmatched

So I matched with a guy on tinder who lives in Toronto, he was thinking of moving to Vancouver and was going to come over and see what my city is like. We matched two weeks ago, talked for a week and then it died down, I said to hit me up when he arrives and we’ll hang out.

So he texted me on Monday morning to say he arrived, I didn’t check my tinder till Tuesday and he sent me a second message saying “hey”. I didn’t respond because I had to focus on an interview and didn’t want to be distracted and I was feeling a bit iffy, that nothing will come out of this meeting? I was busy all day at work today and just checked now and he unmatched 🙁

I feel bad that he double texted and I didn’t respond like a jerk. Like I couldn’t even say sorry busy!

Life doesn’t wait. Now no date for me and I’ll never know what could’ve came out of that. He seemed like a nice mature guy and decently attractive 🙁

At the same time, what are the chances he’ll actually move to my city or that we’ll hit it off. My experience with guys who just moved to the city is that they’re not looking to settle down and there’s TONS of attractive ladies here. I feel like we won’t work out anyway

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  1. I wouldn’t be so concerned. Sure you were kinda ghosting him but if he REALLY wanted to meet up with you he wouldn’t have unmatched you.

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