Dating : Approaching a woman

Dating : Approaching a woman

So this is very difficult for me. I’ve been in serious relationships before, and know how to flirt and how to hold a conversation, but for the life of me I can’t approach a woman I’m interested in.
I get incredible nervous and don’t know what to say and can’t always even look them in the eye. I become a scared little boy.

Any tips for getting over this? I feel it’s getting worse and I worry I’ll never meet anyone again.

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  1. It’s easier talking to a stranger cuz you can say almost anything and then never see them again, but if they’re down to talk then you got it in the bag and just be yourself

  2. Your anxiety serves a purpose. It’s telling you that « approaching is a crappy way to find a girlfriend. »

    Hardly any relationships stories start with an « approach. » At best, an approach might lead to a phone number (real or fake), a some lame awkward text messages, and maybe a crappy date or two.

    The best advice for people when it comes to « approaching women » is just « don’t do it. »

  3. Picture them bald…

    look for flaws in their face or bone structure. make fun of them inside your head…….

    every woman has had diarrhea…

    no matter how fine she is, there is a man out there tired of her shit

    should help you demystify them…

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