Dating : Are dating apps even used for dating anymore?

Dating : Are dating apps even used for dating anymore?

As title states. I’ve noticed over the years of being on and off dating apps most people seem to only be on them for casual reasons such as attention, ego boosting, boredom, hookups etc. Relationships seem to be rare. Why even continue to call them dating apps? Thoughts?

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  1. Dating apps are just there to help you meet people you otherwise would not have met.

    That’s it. They won’t guarantee a relationship out of it as legally…we’ll, you can imagine that nightmare, lol!

    Change you’re criteria maybe you’ll find more of what you’re looking for.

  2. I think people have unreal expectations of « dating apps ». It’s just another route to potentially meet new people you may not have other wise. Doesn’t mean every match is the love of your life, in fact the likelihood of that is extremely low.

  3. I would state that almost everyone on a dating app is looking for something, be it casual, short-term, or long-term. When you use a dating app and you’re getting few reaponses, or people’s conversations are vanishing, or people ghost, it’s because they just weren’t that into you.

    One person can match with 50 people and not feel it for 49 of them. To those 49 the question is, why did you waste my time? Why are you here? To that 1 person, they found a match.

    Here’s the bottom line: If you want great luck with people, they have to find you really attractive. The end.

  4. I use tinder and I’ve found it’s mostly for ego boosting on the girls part. Never had a match, never spoken to any girl on it. I’ve switched up my profile dozens of times, I’m not that ugly and still nothing. I think it’s like a second Instagram now.

  5. The free apps are 95% hook ups.

    Try Match or eHarmony to find substance and other people actually looking for a long term relationship.

  6. I mean, just because you date someone doesn’t mean that you are immediately committing to the long term.. Dating is just meeting new people, but to each their own… *thonk*

  7. One issue I have seen repeatedly is that many people don’t want to stop browsing even after entering exclusive relationships. This is something I’ve not only experienced myself (guys I’ve met online still browsing even if things were going awesome between us. Not me. If I like a guy and we agree to date then I’m not browsing or talking to anyone else) but heard from others and also read about online. Of course there are people who ARE interested in relationships and will put in the real effort to get to know someone before deciding to continue things further or not but you need to weed out the ones that don’t. That can get tedious.

  8. I don’t know. I don’t personally use them for dating, and I don’t think I ever would.

    But a majority, if not all, of the men I match with are at the very least interested in meeting/hooking up. Or rather, they would be content with the latter considering my disinterest in anything else.

    At the end of the day, there aren’t any real rules for such a platform, and I think it’s fine for people to use them for whatever reason they please, as long as they’re upfront about it.

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