Dating : Cute girl followed me on Instagram

Dating : Cute girl followed me on Instagram

So this girl I definitely find attractive requested to follow me on insta just before. My immediate reaction was that she was interested and that I should message her. Am I wrong to think that and shoot my shot?

Background on the girl:
Literally met her once or twice in college 5 years ago and probably said hello here and there with a few fleeting moments. Nothing crazy and never made a move back then and haven’t really thought about her again until she just requested me. From her profile it also seems she had a bf and they broke up recently. Is this maybe just a follow spree or does she want me to make a move back?

Any thoughts appreciated!

Edit: Sent a message let’s see what happens

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  1. Bro… some girl added me on IG about 3 weeks ago. I crapped myself… thought she’d done it by mistake or whatever.

    Anyway, we’ve just had a succesful 3rd date.

    GO FOR IT!

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