Dating : Are they just trying to get followers?

Dating : Are they just trying to get followers?

On Tinder and other OLD sites, some girls link their Instagram or snapchat to their accounts. And from time to time, you do see really hot girls who just say something like « chat with me on insta/snap » followed by their username. As much as I’d love to date them, the whole thing just screams « I’m just using OLD to attract you thirsty boys into propping my account »


Are they all like this or do some girls really do prefer to just use insta/snap as a means of communicating with suitors?

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What do you think?

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  1. Unfortunately I believe so. As a female on OLD, I’ll see snap and IG handles as the first/only bit of profile info on a lot of guy’s profiles as well. I guess if you’re trying to get followers, what better way to farm some up than a fast moving swipe app that exposes you to a lot of thirsty gals/lads, especially if you’re attractive?

  2. A girlfriend of mine got a huuuuuuge list of (old) matches from Tinder and other dating apps. Some go back even 3 years. I asked her why she didn’t remove them and she liked to show her girlfriend that she got more matches than her back in the day…..

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