Dating : Are you pretty much fucked if you’ve abused OLD (Tinder) in the past? (23M)

Dating : Are you pretty much fucked if you’ve abused OLD (Tinder) in the past? (23M)

It seems as if my “rating” on tinder (and bumble) have just been royally fucked after so many deletes/re downloads. I’ve tried every reset method in the book. I used to constantly sit at 99+ likes and now I’m lucky to even get a few a day. I even paid for gold right when I downloaded (because this time I actually wanted to take the app seriously and start dating around for a partner). Any suggestions? Should I contact support? It feels like I just totally fucked my online dating life (considering it’s a problem with the two biggest apps).

I have little to no luck with smaller apps like hinge or CMB in my city for some reason.

What do you think?


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  1. man I feel the same way, my friends and I were stupid when we were younger and now that I’m going to college I can’t use Tinder because my phone number is banned :’)

  2. if you have this much bad luck with it there’s no point in continuing to use those apps. give them up and commit to only trying IRL methods. it’s better for you and your mental health

  3. Honestly feels that way. Did the same thing you did, delete/restart/etc a lot of times over the years(been using Tinder for 7 years or so). At the start, I was actually matching with women relatively around my level of attractiveness. I was getting dates. Hookups. Etc. NOW, I match with nothing other than women in the following 3 categories: overweight, single mother, trashy. I know it sounds shitty to say it that way but its the honest to god’s truth. I hardly EVER match with someone I even remotely think is comparable to someone I’d date. There’s the ultra rare occurrence that I get a cute match and one of two things will happen: she’ll reply once or twice before ghosting, or the match will literally disappear within a few hours before I even have a chance to message.

    I’m not sitting here expecting 10/10 goddesses but I am expecting to AT LEAST match with a few people who are within my range of height, weight and activities… all of which never show up. Its actually driving me to the brink of fucking insanity because it’s completely ruined my outlook for myself. What the point of trying to talk to the tall, slender woman standing next to me? Never match with women like that online, chances are she probably swiped left on me anywhere, what chance do I have in person?

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