Dating : Being alone

Dating : Being alone

I’ve been single for the last year. I broke up with my ex, and it was definitely the right decision. This past year, I have not gone on any dates, and I’ve been set up with numerous people, but came up with excuses to not go out with them. I joined apps and got matches, but never got any further than basic chatting. Again, they wanted my number or a date, but I was too scared. I deleted the apps.

I really would love to meet someone. I would love to be in a relationship again. Someone I can cook and clean for. Someone to take on adventures, to go to Comic-Con with. To talk with all night. And to eat all the foods.

I don’t know what’s stopping me. Maybe I’m scared, maybe I don’t think I’m good enough…I felt I’ve never been treated the way I deserve. It’s just rough out there, and here I am crying alone in my apartment. Sorry for the vent.

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  1. I am for some reason isolating myself. I’ve met about 3 people but immediately wanted to go home, idk why it happens but I hear you. Also I’m 31. Met 3 over the last year

  2. I’ve been single for three years. Still going strong. Honestly I value my alone time. I’ve gone on dates here and there but wasn’t interested in anything serious. Just be patient! You’re young and you’ll meet someone when you least expect it. At least that’s what I’m counting on.

  3. I’ve been single going on 7 years now after being with my ex wife 11 years. I’ve probably met over 60 different girls in the 7 years. I’m convinced I’ll be single the rest of my life

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