Dating : Catphishing

Dating : Catphishing

So what is with women using heavily photoshopped/filtered pictures or pictures of themselves when they were in shape? Its lying right from the start to the other person.

I have zero issues with dating a women whom is not in the greatest of shape, i myself am not a fitness model, however my pics are 100% me unfiltered or photoshopped and current. This putting up old pics and not current ones is flat out lying to the other person. I’ll typically politely excuse myself or finish the date off and not go on another with them. Why would I, you lied to me right from the moment I said hello and that right there is a red flag to run away.

It’s sad because one of the women I was chatting with was fantastic and had an amazing personality, however she was 60lbs heavier then the pics she sent me. I don’t mind some weight or average but she weighed easily over 200lbs on a 5foot 4″ frame.

Anyways just me venting as it seems lately I have been finding a pile of these women granted I am getting good at learning jf pictures are filtered/etc


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  1. That is super annoying, and I think because we put such a high value on the looks of women specifically, it’s more common that they are the ones to use snapchat filters etc.

    My only advice is to do what I do and always ask to FaceTime before you meet so you can get an idea of what they look like (as well as an idea of if the two of you have a vibe)

  2. Men do that as well. Post pics that are years old… Why make sure people are disappointed when you meet them for the first time? Weird strategy…

  3. Angles also play a huge factor, obviously people are going to wear flattering attire and take the best photo, but I dated a girl who was very well endowed in the chest region, and only took down angle shots for profile pics or above the bust line. Got to the date and she looked nothing like her picture, had a massive gut. Ended up in a relationship for 9 months because I was desperate. Never again.

  4. I got catfished once a long time ago. Pulled out my phone and asked where the woman in the photo was. The woman standing across from me looked like she’d eaten the woman in the photo; unacceptable. She cried, I walked out of the coffee shop…

  5. I think maybe a lot of us don’t really think of it as deception. We are just choosing the photos we think we look best in. Like once I had photos of myself with my extensions in because I like the way it makes me look with long hair, but I was accused of being fake because that wasn’t “the real me” with medium length hair normally. Now I didn’t think of it as deceitful, just that I was using a picture that I liked of myself. Maybe that’s why?

  6. I got catphished by a guy using picture 3 years and 50 pounds ago. I still gave him a few dates because we clicked, but too many red flags popped up so didnt work out in the end.

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