Dating : Complicated Age-Gap Relationship

Dating : Complicated Age-Gap Relationship

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I (21F) recently entered a relationship with my superior at work (37M). We work at a restaurant where he is not directly in charge of me in any way, but it is important to note that he is my superior. Company policy says that if the word gets out that we are dating, he *could* be fired from his job of 9 years. I myself am not sure how long I will remain with this company, as they pay me very well and the schedule meshes well with my academic schedule.

To complicate things further, the age gap makes me nervous to tell my parents anything about this person who makes me so happy. I fear they will assume it’s a sugar-daddy situation, when in reality, it is far from it. I am very financially independent and I don’t want my parents to think otherwise.

I’m asking for advice from the bottomless pit that is the internet. Has anyone experienced something similar? Is this relationship worth the effort? WWJD? I need input.

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  1. I think I speak for the rest of the internet when I say viewing us as a bottomless pit kind of hurts. Jesus wouldn’t even be in a relationship to begin with, so that doesn’t really apply here. It all really depends on id you’ve put enough skill points into illusion and sneak. If those aren’t maxed out you’re not gonna be hiding this from people for much longer. In reality, if he wants to keep it up, then it’s his ass on the line not yours. If you really like him and you’re worth the risk to him, go for it.

  2. FYI, dating becomes extremely difficult when you are in your 30’s. It becomes difficult to find people my age and axt like that age. Meanwhile most interesting people I find are in their 20’s

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