Dating : Considering flying out to meet someone next weekend (Thursday to Sunday)

Dating : Considering flying out to meet someone next weekend (Thursday to Sunday)

A girl that I’ve been speaking to over the past two months whom I feel very strongly towards said that it would be great if I came to visit her. She is in the process of getting back with her ex boyfriend for stability reasons (he even got her a promise ring, sigh) and I live across the other side of the country.

She even told me that she’s never felt as strong a « pull » with me with anyone else, and to be quite honest, I feel the same. I’m typically a pretty rational individual, so this experience has been quite…overwhelming.

So! She mentioned that she is off from work on Thursday (I might fly in that morning…), free after work Friday and Saturday night, and all of Sunday. I plan to fly back Sunday night as I have work the following Monday. How many days should I plan to spend with her, if any?

I was initially planning a nice Saturday night with dinner and drinks and just chatting, maybe brunch and a picnic on Sunday. But she said she’s willing to meet that Thursday and Friday as well.

Are those too many days to be spending with someone who is 70% likely to get back with her ex boyfriend? Is it too much time to spend with someone that I’ll be meeting for the first time? Will it be too overbearing for her/us?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

What do you think?


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