Dating : Date said she’ll call.after first date

Dating : Date said she’ll call.after first date

I had a first date, and I think it went really well. She said the date was encouraging. However, when I asked her out for a second date. She said she wanted to talk about it first, and she would call me.

Is this a good sign for a second date? I was also thinking about sending a follow up text either tonight or tomorrow saying I had a great time during the date

What do you think?


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  1. Each date and person are different, but personally I would not take that as a good sign. She most likely felt pressured to make second date plans right then on the spot, but didn’t want to risk you getting upset by telling you such, so she said she would call.

  2. It’s going to be a firm No. Usually women do this to hold you at arm’s length until they can get enough distance to protect themselves when they drop the No.

    Don’t call, don’t text. She doesn’t even exist. You deserve better than to worry yourself about indecisive bitches.

    Date some other women. Don’t get one-itus.

  3. how did she say it? did it seem normal? she wants to talk about it first?? im not sure what that means maybe she wants to do something special or maybe she’s just a little busy.. I wouldn’t be pushy about it so if it were me I wouldn’t text her I would just wait for her to call.. try not to think about it.. good luck OP

  4. Maybe she saw something she didn’t like but is willing to overlook that and wants to talk about it? Never had a woman say that to me so I’m just guessing as to what it can be

  5. After date, I usually send text later same day saying that I had a good time with her, if possible including something from our conversation to make text more humorous or just more positive.

    If girl said she call you or (earlier) if she prefers to take your number instead of giving hers – act confident and don’t say shit like « oh, so you aren’t interested and it’s an excuse », assume that you interested her enough and just be ok with it.

    In your situation, I don’t think it’s wrong to text/call her first. It’s possible she said that she calls you because she didn’t want more dates (or she is just not sure yet) so if she respond that (or ghost you), don’t be jerk and accept it. Anyway, I don’t think you are obligated to wait for her call.

    If she would give you more « I’m not sure » vibe instead « I’m not interested » vibe, say that you are enjoying spending time with her but if she doesn’t feel like it, that’s cool and you understand that – response like that make you more attractive and can convince her to date you again as it shows both empathy and lack of desperation, very attractive traits.

  6. It’s a bad sign actually. However still send the text to follow up. You may not be her first choice but that can change if you play it right. If she doesn’t reply or agree to a second date, then consider the case closed and move on.

  7. not a good sign. I wouldn’t tell you had a great time, it sounds like you already did that after the first date. She said she’d call you, if she doesn’t i guess you have the answer

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