Dating : Dating / Hooking up / Finding a relationship

Dating : Dating / Hooking up / Finding a relationship

I’m have been going on dates lately but have been cut loose by 3 girls now after I told them I was not interested in having sex right now. It’s not that I don’t WANT to have sex I mean I do I’m just not ready right NOW. Cliche as it is I want to really get to know someone and hopefully have it mean something. I know that isn’t as common an opinion but hooking up isn’t something that I feel comfortable with.

It has been really disheartening meeting people I liked who were ultimately impatient or were only interested in sex. I’ve tried mentioning it, before going on a date and that just leads to me getting ghosted and typically I get rejected if I mention it after a 1st or 2nd date. I just don’t seem to match with people that share that opinion or at very least capture their interest.

Advice is appreciated

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  1. Try to avoid dating promiscuous girls who are hungry for instant access to dicks. Such women have low class values and deserve neither attention nor the validation they seek.

    > …me getting ghosted…
    >…I just don’t seem to match…

    Stop using dating apps.

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