Dating : Dating profile advice

Dating : Dating profile advice

I need help writing a dating profile. I’ve been on dating apps for a while now and still haven’t had any success. I am a 19 year old straight Male. I am a second year college student in the law enforcement program. I have two jobs currently, I’m a cook at an Italian restaurant and a job in loss prevention catching shoplifters. I would like to have three or four concise sentences that way I don’t have to much information or to little.

(This isn’t my actual dating profile, this is just so everyone who has suggestions may incorporate some of my stuff here into a few sentences).

My personality traits:

1. Loyal
2. Considerate of other people
3. Good listener
4. Logical
5. Organized

What I like to do:

1. Being outdoors including hunting and fishing
2. Movies
3. Video games
4. Writing and creating
5. Light exercise training

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  1. I don’t know how many matches you’ve been getting so I don’t have a starting point on what you might need to improve…

    From my point of view (M), your profile doesn’t have much personality in it. While I love seeing lists, profiles should have a hint of your personality in it. Put in a casual joke or two, maybe put « making lists » under what you like to do… Or something.

    You need to stand out. So making it bland and straight to the point is boring.

    Good luck out there.

  2. Honestly, your profile doesn’t really matter that much on dating apps. I have a single sentence (Let’s chat about (insert a few things that I enjoy doing)).

    Focus on your pictures. Put 3-5 of the best damn pictures you have (and if you have none, have someone help you take good ones). This will take you further than any profile ever could.

  3. A joke would be great or offer up a question in your profile, sort of like a would you rather. Some humor or not as common interests would be better. Also I would leave out a majority of interests/hobbies because those would be useful when having conversations… basically let the person get to know you instead of already knowing about you at first glance. This is just a me thing but I didn’t like seeing other girls in pictures of a guys profile unless it was like clearly a family picture but seeing other girls just kind of threw me off. Hope it helps!

  4. I may be a rarity, because I’m a female who reads profiles, but I’d say the topics you listed are interesting! They can help start a conversation. However, the list format is a bit dry. Try to make the qualities seem like benefits: I’m organized so I’m great at planning dates. I enjoy indoor and outdoor hobbies, you can decide if its a lazy weekend in or if we should go for an adventure. Include her in your list. Paint her a picture of how awesome it would be to date you.

    Try to make it clear what you’re looking for (relationship wise and qualities in a partner).

    Humor definitely helps, but that’s not really my forte haha. Best of luck!

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