Dating : Dating while separated?

Dating : Dating while separated?

33/f. Been divorced for 2 years.

Was recently introduced to a man 35/m. Long, long list of qualities that I love about him.

He’s separated from his wife of 13 years. They got together when they were 15. They have a son. He ended the marriage. He has shown no signs of being hung up on her.

I’m not sure if I want to proceed. They’ve been separated for 6 months.

Anyone found themselves in this type of situation?

Probably a bad idea?

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What do you think?

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  1. Why not just play it out and see what happens? Why automatically expect the worst? Their marriage could have been over years ago but he just recently got the courage to leave?

  2. I would most likely give the green light to go out with him. Since they have been separated from each other for half a year I would suppose they’re serious about the divorce. When in doubt talk to him about it and be honest. Ask him if he’s certain about the divorce and based on his answer see what happens from there

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