Dating : I got a match and I don’t know what to do

Dating : I got a match and I don’t know what to do

I recently matched with a girl who I feel is way out of my league who also likes anime. We talked a little back and forth on tinder and then moved to Snapchat. Since she is an attractive girl on tinder, of course she is probably talking to more attractive guys. Do I even have a chance or would I be lucky to settle for being friends?

Update: I’m being ghosted

What do you think?


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  1. When you created a tinder account did you create it to make friends, or to find a partner? I would guess the second.

    Since you matched she either at least has some interest in you, or she is trying to promote some thing she does. If it is the first then you obviously wanna try your chances. If it is the second, you probably don’t want her as a friend.

    I can’t tell you what to do, but i can tell you that you should do something. If it doesn’t work out and you end up as friends, and you are cool with that great. But don’t aim for friends from the get go, it makes no sense.

  2. Everyone has a chance, but it sounds like you’re already taking yourself out of the picture before anything has happened. Just ask her out to get coffee or a quick bite and take it from there. You never know what will happen unless you go for it.

  3. Never think someone is way out of your league. When you think that way, you are already making the decision for the woman. Let her make that decision.

  4. > Do I even have a chance or would I be lucky to settle for being friends?

    This mindset right here, will not serve you well. She is just a girl, not better than you, or worse. Relax and get to know each other.

  5. First off, stop putting her on a pedestal. You’re acting like every other guy gushing over her looks. She’s attractive, so what. What is special about her? That’s the attitude you need (don’t say that to her though). You need to show her that you’re analysing her, seeing if she is good enough for you. How many other guys you think do that? She’ll notice that way more than 10 ‘hot guys’ who are all saying the same ‘wow you’re so beautiful’ drivel that every guy does.

  6. Anytime you match online just remember you are always seconds away from getting ghosted…this is a constant reminder that its all pointless and matches aint shit.

  7. Just some advice for you. When you match with someone get their phone number not a snapchat. I have had a few matches where they want me to add their snap then a little later is someone trying to get you to buy a premium snap.

    Also one more important detail. No matter how hot someone is or out of your league they are no better than you period. I honestly do not believe in a thing such as a league. They matched you for a reason. Just because they may have options does not mean they have to be put on high on a priority list for attention. There should be equal amounts of effort and attention going both ways. If you are not getting that walk away.

    Edit: This advice applies to your next match you get. Not the current as she ghosted you as you mentioned.

  8. Dude, did u go out with her or not after all?

    « Do I even have a chance »? – If you are not completely ugly and disguasting, then u always do! If you keep pursuing – any girl will surrender eventually (but guys usually don’t have what it takes to fight, to pursue). Even if she doesn’t like you, but you keep pursuing and making her believe that she is so special and the only one for you in the world, you will get her, trust me. But, I guess, you would only wanna try so hard for someone you really want. So, just remember, if u don’t give up, you can get most of ’em.

  9. Well before your update, I was going to say , don’t panic. Just talk like normal and see if there is more feelings to meet up. Talk, be friendly, express your interest to meet up when you feel ready, and go from there.

    It still will apply for future matches, but the other thing about matching with online sites or apps, is that there will be many people you talk to and it leads to nothing, so don’t worry about what to do next, as much as doing something now.

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