Dating : Datings been fun for me, what about you?

Dating : Datings been fun for me, what about you?

Dating for some time now and let me tell you it’s been an extremely fun and amazing journey for me. Meeting incredible people, making friends, networking, trying new things and all the while figuring out what works the best for me.


I have had my share of bad dates but those seem to be few and far in between compared to the amazing experiences I have had so here a few things that are continuing to help me enjoy dating and would you please add things that have helped you really enjoy the dating world.


1. Go out! More!

I know we don’t have the energy that we use to but a body at rest will stay at rest and its a killer for your social life if all you do is stay home even on the weekends. I know that may be the thing for most of you but dating is going to take effort so you’ll have to get comfortable with getting out there on a regular basis. Sitting at home is fine here and there especially when you have someone to cuddle with but that can’t be all that you do and on a date having a stagnant routine like that isn’t very interesting.

2. State your intentions from the start

Not just to the person you are with or on your dating profile but to yourself. Sit down and clearly define what it is that you want (however wild and crazy it is), who you want to be around and how you envision your ideal relationship should look AND FEEL. Wanting to get married, have kids, have a good, job and credit are a start but we all know that those aren’t what make and keep lasting relationships. Also, determine what you are willing to do to contribute to this awesome relationship

3. Stop talking about how dating sucks

Misery loves company, doesn’t it? Sure but (and I am getting personal here) if the person you meet has gone on 5-30 horrible dates, hates their last 3-4 relationships or just talks about how horrible dating has been for the last 9yrs…you may want to avoid that person for a couple of reasons. 1. You attract certain people but you also choose them which is probably something you want to look at 2. If that last few lovers were horrible excuses for humans, they’ll probably say the same thing about you and 3. Negativity isn’t attractive at all. While you should tell them what you don’t want, you should avoid rambling about it since that’s not very sexy.

4. Make the first move

By now you should realize you have missed out on a ton of opportunities by trying to send telepathic signals or overthinking. Sure you can get rejected or embarrassed but the best part is that most people around you aren’t even paying attention. Too busy with their phones. There really is no excuse for not going after what you want or at least starting a conversation. Social skills are important and we have learned to develop them in the corporate world but why not in the dating world?

5. Have fun!

You don’t know if you will like them or want to see them again but you both want to have fun. Go for that. Don’t be so uptight and apprehensive about the encounter. A lot of people cut themselves off from amazing things and experiences because of their current mood or even the past. Open up a little.


I’d love to hear what has helped the sub really enjoy dating.

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