Dating : Do I give up or keen going and get him to try change his mind?

Dating : Do I give up or keen going and get him to try change his mind?

I met a guy I’ve been on two dates with and I was getting really mixed signals so I just decided to ask him what’s up. He said he wasn’t ready or didn’t want a relationship at the moment. I know it’s only early and I have no idea what I want but I quite like him and I think if things kept on going well I’d want a relationship with him. We have really open and honest conversations do you think I should tell him it’s probably not good for me or try change his mind. Is not wanting a relationship at the moment legit a cover for I’m not the right one or he doesn’t like me. I honestly know he likes me and likes to hang out with me because he said I just feel a bit shit as the last 4 guys I’ve seen always say the same thing and I’m starting to think I’m not good enough.

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  1. I think he’s being honest, just isn’t saying why. Like maybe he likes hanging out & that’s fine. I think he’s letting you know he isn’t ready for a commitment or was seeing if he was & maybe realized he wasn’t? But doesn’t wanna lose you as a friend with a future possibility of becoming more? I say take it slow, go with the flow.

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