Dating : Do I Have A Chance Or Am I Overthinking It?

Dating : Do I Have A Chance Or Am I Overthinking It?

Ok so I met this girl at my job earlier. I work at a pretty laid back minimum wage fastfood joint, just to give some important details. I was working with said girl and someone was training me on how to take orders and I made a silly mistake and they thought it was pretty funny. When I made eye contact with the girl she was on the ground picking something up and her face mask was off. She smiled at me and it was one of those teeth displaying smiles.

Later that day she randomly just sat on the ground and said something about being tired. I wasn’t paying too much attention but then she said she needed my help. She wanted me to take her hand and help her get up. She wasn’t injured or anything and could have easily gotten up on her own. I took her hand and she kind of stayed on the ground..Kind of like she wanted to make it harder for me to get her up off the ground. This led to me holding her hand a bit longer than usual.

Another time she was walking past me and she kind of rubbed her hands against me as I was walking by. Then a couple of time when we made eye contact she held her gaze and continued to look me in the eyes. I am talking longer than a few seconds and I looked down everytime.

I am sorry if I sound stupid guys but I was hoping these were cues. Girls have flirted with me and asked me out a lot before and told me they liked me. Fortunately receiving attention from girls has been something I encountered since Middle School. I havent dated in a while and I am currently tracking on a self improvement journey( Get in better shape, take care if mental health..etc) Sorry if this kind if dumb or annoying…I guess I just want some other opinions.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

What do you think?


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