Dating : Do women care about ethnicity or religion?

Dating : Do women care about ethnicity or religion?

I am from the Indian sub-continent and currently, I live in Ottawa, ON. There aren’t much women from the community I belong to. So, I just wanted to know if women do care about the guy’s ethnicity and religion or not?

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  1. Ethnicity no, religion yes because I am not religious our values generally don’t align and we don’t agree on a lot of things. Not specifically any religion.

  2. A lot of these answers are garbage.

    Yes, most women in my experience do care about ethnicity. But it simply boils down to preference.

    A lot of NA (North American) women prefer to date white, black, or Hispanic.

    I’ve heard several women confide that they aren’t interested in guys with Indian backgrounds, Arabic backgrounds, or Asian backgrounds.

    There may be acceptions, of course, as with anything, but yes it does matter to a slight degree.

    What’s more important is you just being confident regardless.

  3. Personally, I feel more inclined to date someone of a similar background particularly with religion, I consider myself a progressive Christian. With the right person, it wouldn’t matter.

    However I really don’t care about ethnicity. I’ve pretty much dated all ethnicities.

  4. I married into an opposite culture and religion from my own. We compromise on holidays, cultures, and traditions. We respect each other’s religious views AND attend each other’s services. We had two weddings in both our faiths. We celebrate each of our holidays and spend time with both our families.

  5. Religion, yes. I’m an atheist and not going to convert to get married to someone. Similar values and sense of the world is kind of a basis for a connection.

  6. Ethnicity, not so much, though I do care about cultural values and their compatibility. Religion is a big deal to me. I’d never again date an atheist. Our lifestyle choices and views would have to be compatible and my partner would have to be respectful and not make fun of my beliefs.

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