Dating : Do you all go through something similar?

Dating : Do you all go through something similar?

Probably might be on the wrong sub, but posting anyways.

I (M24) have been seeing this girl(F23) for the past three weeks and we have met up close to 8 times in that duration and pretty much spend at least 4-5 hours each time.

But whenever I’m away from her, I always think about her and feel that it affects my concentration in work or things in my life (Not in a drastic manner). How do people in long term relationships or people in ‘love’ go about their day to day business when they are away from their SO? (With regard to my situation, we are still just casual). I’m just curious to know if others go through something similar and if so how do you go about it? TIA

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What do you think?

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  1. i do it by Living life…..
    I look at romance as a happy meal toy…. it’s cool if it’s there. it’s ok if it isn’t….. and you maintain it until she’s ready to go next level aka moving in or moving closer etc…..

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