Dating : Why do people gaslight men over the importance of looks?

Dating : Why do people gaslight men over the importance of looks?

I’ve lived life as a sub 5 male and no women has ever been interested in me because of how I look.

Women value looks the most, followed the money and then status.

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  1. I think attraction is important but it’s not everything. Chemistry, brains, sense of humor, a good job, being a good parent are all just as important if not more.

  2. Maybe women don’t like you because you group us all into one group without individual personalities and tell us what we think without asking.

    Why do men shoot themselves down and expect someone else to pick them up after?

  3. I don’t think you understand what “gaslight” means. It’s not that looks don’t matter. Of course, physical attraction is important. It’s just not the most important thing to everyone.

  4. Hahahaha. I’m sorry but wow this wreaks of low self-esteem. Yes looks are important. Nobody is going to say they’re not. It just isn’t the highest thing on everybody’s list. The most important thing is status but in a different way than you think. Status isn’t a title. Titles don’t mean shit if you don’t act like it. A person of status has worth through his work, passions, his interactions, and his relationships with people. So even ugly motherfuckers get someone.

    Chances are you also really value looks the most. Why don’t you date someone you don’t find attractive or is as equally attractive as you? If you don’t want to lower your standards why the fuck should others do it for you? You’re not special unless you are doing something.

    Be a person of status. Someone who adds to a situation, who isn’t afraid of what other people think, if they don’t like you because of your looks then either do something about it or find someone who likes how you look. Good looks is a mix of genetics and decisions. That’s why good looks are a good indicator of how disciplined a person is. If they have the discipline to eat healthy and workout daily, if they have the discipline to find clothes that fit them or even get clothes tailored, etc… Be a person with intention and isn’t afraid of life. If someone rejects you then it doesn’t matter because they weren’t in your life prior and they won’t be in it later. Instead you’re worth is caught up in it and it shows.

    So gain some fucking status. Do something you love and be the best in that field. Be proactive instead of waiting around for other people to want you when you haven’t done anything to earn it. You’re not entitled to being desired by everyone. Some people are physically attractive which is what brings them to the table but if they’re nasty or just boring people don’t tend to stay around, especially those of substance.

  5. Physical attraction matters… sorry not sorry

    blame god or mother nature……

    after that it’s about chemistry……

    after that it’s about what type of man are you…..

    after that it’s about money…

    Every now and again, women will overlook many things for money but that’s few and far in between. and most men with money know how to deal with women……

  6. Looks>everything. Maybe people gaslight unattractive men so they don’t commit suicide. Although I fully believe Looks>everything. I would never tell that to an unattractive friend/coworker unless I thought they could handle it. In fact, I’ve gently deterred my unattractive friends from trying out Tinder for just this reason.

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