Dating : Does he see me as a second option?

Dating : Does he see me as a second option?

I dated someone for several months during lockdown that I met on an app and I was hopeful that it would lead to a relationship, I was honest about my intentions from the jump only for him to tell me that he doesn’t think he’s ready for a relationship anymore and that he has time to date but not be in a relationship.He then hit me with the classic line that he was never locked in with the intention of finding a relationship, he just wanted to see where things go with me. He said since things are opening in our country that he wouldn’t know what social life would look like for him so he doesn’t want a relationship anymore. He said he doesn’t know when he’ll be ready for one either. This all shocked me, because we spoke about what we’re looking for for several months, we went on various dates, and we spoke daily. He told me many times he wanted a relationship. I told him I’m looking for more commitment and maybe we can remain friends and he said he was disappointed but understood (yet he wasted my time!).

We have maintained sporadic contact since then (April), and on Sunday I reached out to him platonically and asked if he wanted to meet at a park sometime soon as friends. He informed me that he had been dating someone for 2 months, so he doesn’t think we should meet right now because it would complicate things, and that he’s not « ready » to see me again even as friends despite the fact that he’s flirted with me multiple times since we decided to remain friends. I told him I won’t reach out anymore because I don’t want to intrude anything, and he told me I’m not intruding anything and to reach out anytime I want and that he’ll reach out. After that, I didn’t reply and unfollowed him on instagram and deleted his number.

What do you think?


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