Dating : Does she like me more than a friend

Dating : Does she like me more than a friend

Me and this girl.. we became friends real quick. We’re always msging each other (bffs on snapchat) always going out together, making each other laugh all the time, get drunk and just shoot the shit and talk about the most random stuff, have alot of the same interests in shows and music, same views on the world and life.. we’re going to a concert together in a few days and to a fair the day after. I can’t tell if she likes me as more than just a friend.. only bad sign is she doesn’t really touch and seems shy about touching and being touched.. unless were drunk then she can get touchy just a little bit and doesn’t seem to mind me touching her either.. Oh did I mention were roommates.. I know j know don’t fuck your roommates but I really like this girl.. more than just a crush I just can’t tell if she likes me the same. Should I just ask her if she’s interested in me and want to date.. should I pop that question before the concert and the concert can be a first offical date? Kinda lost guys

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  1. Sometimes we as girls, honestly want true friendship with guy, without any feelings of romance. You’re totes our bro friend (not friend zoned, legit you’re awesome and we enjoy spending time with you). That being said, is it worth the risk of losing the financial aspect of your roommate? If she feels weird after, will she move out and leave you in the lurch?

    If you know you’re set to be fine if things go south, just ask her, since you spend so much time together and have fun, that you want to know where you stand, because you feel the lines are blurred and want to just clear the air and go on having fun, or develop something. There’s no smooth way to do this. Communicate and see what’s up. Be really cool and calm about it.

  2. Does she like you? I don’t know so I’ll give you the best advice I’ll never follow myself: just ask her.

    I’d suggest after getting home from the concert. If you’re drinking and sharing a smallish bed I’d even suggest shutting down any possible move she makes. If you’re interested in her it’s best to make the ‘next step’ decision sober so you know it’s what she wants too and it not just going to be a roommates with benefits situation.

    And prepare yourself for the no. Are you willing to stay friends with her, with your feelings and not get butt hurt when she starts seeing someone else. Really think about it, because if you are a risk of crying ‘friendzone’ it’s better to cut her loose than be jealous and resentful.

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