Dating : Doesn’t think we’re right for each other and wants to take a step back

Dating : Doesn’t think we’re right for each other and wants to take a step back

She and I (both 25) met on bumble and have been on 3 dates. I tried to kiss her at the end of date 1 and she said not on the first date.

End of date 2 she asked what am I looking for? I told her I’m looking to date her. She said she wanted to take things slow.

Date 3 she came to my house and we cooked breakfast together (she works nights) and watched tv on my bed. I did makeout with her a few times and thought she was into it. We kissed as she left.

Later this week she sends me a text saying “I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. You are absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately I don’t think we are right for each other and I need to step back. Hope you understand. “

I didn’t really know what to make of it. I just replied “thanks for letting me know. I wish you the best. “

Did I handle this appropriately? Honestly disappointed cause I thought things were ok

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  1. When she tells you she wants to move slow, just bail. Not worth your time.

    The best woman to date will be all over you. She will want to talk to you all the time, to hang out all the time. She’ll want to introduce you to her world, and brag about you to her friends and family.

    Any woman (or man) who doesn’t do this isn’t worth your time or energy. Ditch these people immediately. Let them be alone until they change, and realize what it is that they want. This kind of behavior is just monkey branching behavior. It’s the, « he’s OK so I’ll stick around but if I can do better I’ll ditch him » mentality. She probably doesn’t even know she’s doing it, but she most likely is.

    Don’t let her, it’s that simple.

    And if she’s not doing that, who gives a fuck? Ditch her anyway. You deserve to be with someone who makes you feel amazing, not someone who won’t give you affection, or display that level of desire for you. Because you are on a course of almost 100% of the time to get the, « you’re the BEST, just not for me » passive, lie.

    And it is a lie. It’s her trying to shy away from the responsibility of her own emotions and choices. She knew she wasn’t feeling very strongly, yet she kept giving it a shot. I GUARANTEE you that if you had been basically the man of her dreams, she would have fucked you on date one, and had been blowing up your phone non-stop after that. This is the reality here. Any woman who’s not doing that either isn’t that into you, or that’s exactly what she WANTS to do, but she’s afraid she might lose you if she does it.

    Don’t get it twisted, this is a fact.

    And spare me these silly ideas of things like, « maybe she just needs space, or maybe you came off too strong, or any of that crap. Let me repeat this idea: IF YOU WERE THE MAN OF HER DREAMS, NONE OF THAT WOULD APPLY.

    She would either fuck you date one, or she would be DYING to, and wouldn’t out of fear you might LEAVE.

    You need to find a woman who thinks of you that way, and if none of them do, try to be the best you can be until one does, and if none of them do, then fucking be single and kick ass in your life and find happiness and don’t settle. You don’t need a woman to be happy.

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