Dating : Getting back with a old crush when I messed up

Dating : Getting back with a old crush when I messed up

A couple of months ago I dated this guy for 2 weeks (saw each 7 times in this period of time). It was fun, we had a lot of weird similar interest. Long story short, I messed it up. I should’ve taken things more slow and given him some space. The two weeks after we initially hung out he got distant, we still texted (if I initiated it) I would ask to hangout and he’d always agree but bail right before, he did this twice. I got frustrated and snapped, told him I was really interested in getting to know him but did not want to look dumb anymore. He obviously never replied. We have a lot of mutual friends/coworkers (we work for the same company but different locations). It’s been two months since we’ve last had communication. I’ve been dating other people and he has too. We’re still friends on social media (and tinder lol) I’m pretty sure he has me muted on instagram (I don’t even post a lot but when I do he doesn’t view it). I just can’t get him off my mind. I really want to initiate a conversation with him, but I am scared since we work for the same company. I need advice as to how can I possibly reconnect with him.

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  1. You don’t make enough money, clearly he just wants rich girls.

    Seriously? The guy didn’t give you the time of day, still isn’t, and he’s trying to politely say no thanks, but you’re refusing to take the hint.

    You clearly don’t value yourself very much.

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