Dating : Don’t know wether to pursue or not?

Dating : Don’t know wether to pursue or not?

So I met this girl in a bar and we really seemed to hit it off we hung out the whole night and danced and talked. At the end of the night we were making out and then exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. I texted her the next morning and had a conversation going then she just stopped responding out of the blue. The next day she randomly texted me asking how my day was so I proceeded to start a conversation again and we talked a bit then she stopped responding again. She seemed genuinely interested when we’d text back and forth but I don’t know if I should get my hopes up. So My question is do I continue to pursue because I really kinda like this girl or do I just write it off as a person I met and we were just drunk and I should forget about it

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  1. Ask her out on a date.. if she says yes, cool and if not then.. carry on living your life. Txting too much can make things stale, so maybe shes just trying ro avoid that

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