Dating : Ex telling me about who he is seeing?

Dating : Ex telling me about who he is seeing?

So was friends with this guy for a year and we dated for about three months this year. I’m 21 and he’s 23. Ended things bc he made an insensitive comment about my hair and other red flags like always being on his phone when we met (even during a movie). It hurt and he wanted to be friends. We met after NC for a month. Said he still had feelings, but was weary bc I called him emotionally abusive. I last saw him last month after my dumb self went to his house and we kissed. He stopped, despite him initiating, to say it wasn’t right bc we just reconciled. Also said he was looking for girls that night in front of me.

ANYWAYS. I’ve been doing my thing since and he’s the one that’s been calling/texted. He last called me to tell me how he’s seeing a new girl. And how he doesn’t know if she likes him. How they watched a movie and vibed. I told him to not rush it (it was only a week), to have fun, and to communicate what they both want. He was like, I don’t know why I’m telling you, but I didn’t expect that. That wasn’t the advice I was looking for. Lol…. I was like okay. He then mentioned us hanging out soon & I told him i would let him know. Since then, I haven’t talked to him and he’s just been viewing all my Snapchat stories. He even commented one of my snaps and was like, « okay….fine girl » and another, « good to know you’ve always been a fun and loving girl » lol what??

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