Dating : Is she ghosting me?

Dating : Is she ghosting me?

I (23M) met somebody (23F) on Happn. We met up at a cafe and hung out for about an hour and a half on Saturday. She seemed like a lovely person. We laughed a bit, but I don’t recall much flirting going on, but she may have just been nervous. I messaged her on Facebook on Sunday, thanking her for the date, and asking if she would like to meet up again. It seems that those messages are unread. Today I messaged her on Happn with the same thing, as I was thinking that perhaps she didn’t even see my messages on Facebook, considering she has over 800 friends. I have a feeling she doesn’t see this going anywhere, but is avoiding telling me, or maybe she hasn’t seen my messages because she’s busy. Am I overthinking?

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  1. Well from experience either she is to busy to text you back or she isn’t really interested anymore. I think the best thing for you to do now is just leave it alone and wait for her to contact you. I’d say give it at least a week before sending one more message.

  2. No one is “too busy” to send a text man if u think thats a real thing you are lightyears behind and going to get played every time. Imagine being soooo busy you cant send a text that isnt real and i work two jobs….

  3. It’s Monday dude.


    You went out Saturday.


    Relax. Give her some space. Or you WILL scare her away.


    Wait to hear from her.


    Also, in future, don’t « ask » women if they « want » to meet. INVITE them. « Let’s meet next week, when are you free? » not « Would you LIKE to meet? ».



    look at it like this…. how would you want a man to court your mother or mother figure….. with respect and effort……..

    Texting a woman don’t mean shit….. get her on the phone and build that vibe… Ask her out when it feels right

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