Dating : Feel like I’ll never meet someone

Dating : Feel like I’ll never meet someone

So I’ve (23m) only dated a bit at the end of high school and in college, both girls I dated had major psychological issues that they refused to seek therapy for and used me as a kind of at home therapist; not maliciously, I don’t think they’re bad people but it was taking a toll on my mental health. Since then I just haven’t had any luck meeting anyone.
Basically, I feel like my twenties are waisting away never meeting anyone or dating. I’ve tried online dating apps and I get maybe one match every couple of months and when I message them they never reply. I’m pretty socially anxious so when I see someone attractive while I’m out I have no idea how to approach them or if I even should (don’t wanna make someone uncomfortable while they’re at work, for example)
Does anyone have any tips just for meeting new people/ talking to new people, etc?

What do you think?


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  1. Don’t think of your 20’s being wasted just because you aren’t dating. THere is plenty of stuff to be doing in your 20’s besides dating. Live it up with your buddies!

    Dating is really hard right now and online dating is REALLY a completely different experience for most men than it is for most women. Don’t let it get you down.

    Try to get involved in new activities or get more formally involved in your hobbies with groups or things like that.

    Make the first move when meeting potential friends. If you see someone doing something that you like to do, stop and chat. If it goes well just be straight and say « hey man, you wanna (play a round, ride, whatever) sometime? » and get their number. I got some dirtbike riding buddies that way.

  2. Im 23m too and had social anxiety which made it hard to not be nervous talking to anyone. I started taking Zoloft and I am so at ease talking to anyone I don’t know how I functioned before. I also don’t get anything off apps but I’ve had a lot of success going to bars and clubs in my city. I just started going out with a couple buddies and we hit on girls. It’s really good practice for flirting cuz if u say smth stupid it doesn’t really matter and there’s always someone else. If you’re not in a town where there’s a scene like this you def should try to move there ASAP.

  3. Hey buddy I felt that. As a only child, I’ve always been socially anxious. Alongside the lack of social experiences, what helped me was being present. Focus on what’s happening around you, get to know people while not rushing what to say next. Don’t expect so much in return but if you see them again, catch up on what you’ve talked about before.

    Remember it’s a on going process. Sharpening social skills takes time. Focus on yourself and build a life that you love and enjoy. Women will follow.

  4. Dating as an average man, especially in ur early 20s is not easy.

    You must realise this, don’t forget the 23 year old woman can choose the 31 year old that has a car, house/apartment and money. Competition is at the highest, while your value is very low unless you are super attractive.

  5. If you feel like it’s a waste of time it probably is. 24m here and I stopped all that shit for a year now and started kickboxing. Stop wasting your time with girls and take advantage of your youth in other ways. Best decision I ever made.

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