Dating : Finding it hard to approach girls in person?

Dating : Finding it hard to approach girls in person?

I’m a 21 year old guy and I’d say I’m reasonably attractive (In shape/muscular, good features etc). But I cannot approach women to save my life, I just don’t know how to do it, especially if I see a girl I find attractive walking down the street and I want to talk to them, I just freeze up and end up not saying anything. I’ve had many successful dates but the initial interactions were all from dating apps.
I guess the question I’m asking is, how do you approach women off the street?

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  1. Talk with every1. Attractive and unattractive. Treat every1 equally. That way, if you can talk to some1 uninteresting, then you can also talk to some1 interessting.

  2. Just complement them on something not creepy about them. Like wow your hair looks great! Or wow those shoes look fly… if they take the complement well you can start having a conversation and maybe slide in a casual wanna grab drinks/coffee sometime?

    It seems like you are confident on your looks so just being out in public more often and maybe wear something unique about you that stands out like even a watch can get girls to talk to you.

    I dunno I’m starting to take dating more seriously and seems like putting yourself out in public more ups your chances 1000x than any app. Like today I was complemented at a coffee shop for being to trusting for leaving my laptop and books unattended to grab headphones out of the car.

  3. There’ll be something about them you find attractive, you go up and tell them you think so. Leave it there, have a nice day or whatever and bye. If it’s an easy flow of conversation you lengthen it for names/numbers etc.

    Couple times a day is a great way to get used to it and rejection becomes much less of a deterrent.

    Best of luck!

  4. Ignore all the advice you’ve received from other comments.

    « Approaching » is a complete waste of time. It’s a con propagated by « dating gurus » who have only ever slept with a couple of fat ugly chicks.

    A real man doesn’t need to « approach » any girls on the street. If you feel like you need to « approach », you need to reexamine EVERYTHING.

  5. Hi my name is freerangegingerr and I think you’re looking amazing today! Shake hand, get name. Right on, so what brings you out on this fine day? Oh that’s cool, I’m out doing x. Hey, would you like to get a drink some time?

    Shake, stutter, say stupid shit, trip, literally throw up, who cares… You blow 1 there’s a billion more waiting. After you do the above a few times, or you get harshly rejected enough, you’ll stop giving a fuck and just start looking at them like lottery tickets, you spend a few minutes of your time scratching, see if it’s a winner, if not you toss it and move on.

    Your chances of it being a winner are about the same, maybe slightly worse.

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