Dating : Why can’t people just take no for an answer

Dating : Why can’t people just take no for an answer

First time post sorry if this isn’t the best.
I’m on a dating website (yes I know this isn’t good) due to the amount of time I’m at work. I’ve been on for a while and not much has come from it. I’ve had a few good dates but mostly just talking and such. Most of the time the men will take no for an answer and that’s that. Then there are those who think that they are just the end all be all God’s greatest gift to women. This is one of them.
Me= me
Da= dumbass
Cw1= coworker 1
Cw2= coworker 2
Cw3= coworker 3

This started 6/20/19

Da: Let me hit u with this mule

Me: I take a quick look at his profile nope not for me not really even sure what he’s saying because it’s all in slang. I don’t speak slang lol. Thank you for your interest but I’m not interested along with not even being close to understanding what your profile is saying.

Da: are you down to have social intercourse with foot long I have in my pants

So far my Co1 is laughing and I’m just shaking my head.
Me: nope

Da: well I got a friend next to me says you were gorgeous, but he doesn’t profile
I’m confused about this now because I know I’m not a 10 I’m also most definitely not a 3 either.

Me: tf At this point I’m just like asshole and co2 walks up I show her and she’s calling him names in Spanish. Lol
Da: he got a girl he just in love milky white skin. We doing you a favor.

Me: Yeah no you’re not. All are being complete and total trash. He should be ashamed of himself for being willing to cheat on his girlfriend. Y’all are better than how you’re acting.

Da: You just hurt him even on how you put him in his place. We other hand I am dog and slang this wood so Doing this or not? Afterwords I might cook you something.

Me: I am a chef why would I want you to cook anything

Da: because I can out cook u. Yeah we just messing you

Me:Oh yeah grilling is super hard

Da: you are stereotyping because I’m black because I can cook I traveled the world and learn how to because I like to do it. You are no different than us.

Me: Now I don’t care for what is being implied here. Sadly this is the norm nowadays. no shit we’re no different. I’m just better on the grill because I’m on it all the time.

Co1 is dying laughing at this and so am I, so I go on about my day show co2 what day was said and she’s laughing. I figured it was done and over with…….nope


Da: You ready for some wood yet?

Me: I start thinking oh great he didn’t give up and here we go again. Not from you or your man whore friend

Da:He said he would break your back and you wouldn’t be no good on that grill. You should let us run a train. You should watch the show euphoria

Me:I calmly send him the link from YouTube to Lorre Moran’s (country singer) song what part no don’t you understand

Da:😂😂😂😂 But I’m single let me put it in your butt

Me:I send the link again

Da:I was trying to send you to work motivated

Me: that’s not any motivation I want or need

Da: lol you know we might make a good couple😂😂😂. If you really nice I might send you a picture of my penis

Me:🙄I send the link for a third time

Da: sends a disappointing picture of his dick. all yours 😘

Me: 🙄 not impressed and not interested
By now I’m becoming annoyed

Da: lol Also we both know you can handle it as much as I’ve been disrespectful I’m in all honestly Respectful just not here but I would whine and I knew before I had you crawling I would be so gentle I would make love to yo sexy ass. You really would like me

Me: at this point I’m done. Im thinking about just blocking the da when co3 walks up. He’s twisted so I show him the conversation.

Cw3: that picture isn’t even impressive! At least google one that’s impressive! Lol

Me: just keep reading cw3

Cw3: sees the 🙄 not impressed and not interested message and busts out laughing. All that wood is good for is roasting a marshmallow on if that. It’s so tiny

Me: you know Judging by the size the only thing that wood is good for is roasting a marshmallow

Da:😂😂😂 Shit like you’ve had bigger

Me:It’s not too hard to have bigger when you have a Tootsie Roll……A fun size tootsie roll at that. Those aren’t any fun

Da: 9 1/2 That’s more to you than your Cootie have no walls that means you something like a thot. We both know I would destroy you

Me: now I’m having fun pissing this guy off because why not. Well when you use a bubble lens on a camera anything can be distorted

Da: No woman has ever said that and I traveled the world not even my ex-wife. If you was skinny I will give you the benefit of the big girls can’t take wood

Me: that last statement alone was just my I’m done point lets see how pissed I can make him. 🙄 apparently it didn’t take much to mess with his pride lol

Da:I am retired and still work two full-time jobs I’ll put a check on it my highest one that I break you off, and you want it so humble yo self

Me: Once more I’m not interested in you.
At this point I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said that

Da:Then say that but don’t disrespect me I wasn’t interested in you you no prize

Me: thinking then why even bother with a dick picture. I told you that from the beginning. You’re just too stupid to get it through that thick skull of yours. Sorry to burst your bubble, I am a prize. You have no clue about anything with me. You’re pissed off at how someone who “Looks like me” could ever be able to turn down any guy that’s in the message to me. Do you think that I am so desperate when well nope

Da: no no noooo How could I when I do this better than you on every level. My friend thought you was attractive not me I would just smash you and move on but your arrogance with no discipline nothing against you but that shit only works on these weak ass dudes

Me: well apparently not or you would be

Da:I’m pissed at my coworker because I allow a weak woman who could never keep up with me and talk down to me.

Me: You’re pissed because I’m strong enough to put your dumbass in its place and be unapologetic about it.

Da: I’m older than you retired military and still want to full-time jobs and still spend two hours in the gym with a bachelors all you can ever do is give me the ass because I know I can cook u. He hit you up not me you can’t put me in my place especially after I explained me with you is a downgrade you with me is an upgrade. Dumbass I graduated at the top of my class with my bachelors. I’m a business major dumbass. I know how to cook because it’s something I have a passion or not my career but by looking at you I’m probably better. You lack discipline. But you want the D we both know that

Me: I don’t want his D it’s really not a very nice looking one at all. Oh cry me a river. Good for you for going into the military, you should’ve stayed there. I hold 4 different degrees that I’m great at. Along with numerous certifications. I get to pick what I want to do according to which I enjoy the most. Along with running my own business We are so not even the same.

Da: i’m retired dumbass. Oh I’m going to surpass you we both know that comes to discipline you just can’t keep up I bet you make more money big bank take little bank.

Me: Business majors are a dime a dozen. That’s nothing special.
At this point I pointed out a little bit of the truth about things
Well when your not interested you don’t want to keep up
By this time I’m driving home from work and listening to a podcast ignoring da and I guess it didn’t sit well with him
Da: I get paid to breathe you can’t say the same now you just talking my resume was shit on yours and I mean that with no disrespect but you just talking. I bet you can’t talk shit if this 9 1/2 was in you

Me: dude the air you breathe is not free
Typed while sitting at a light

Da:I know you text Harris pay for mine. You are actually turning me on now. Just so you call me daddy in the end. Lesson learned never let another to text on your profile because I didn’t come at you. What’s sad is I’m a really nice dude.

Me:Lord have mercy on your soul for lying.

Da:No he blesses me but he can have mercy on yours

Me: dude my blessings abound

Da: kick rocks

Me: No I don’t want to scuff my nice shoes


Me: i’ve already told you I’m not interested in that with you. Also your maturity level is showing. Oh and I screenshot all of this.

Da:😎😎😎 I control my moves so show the world

I hope y’all enjoyed and I’ll update if needed

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  1. In the very first message he made it clear that he was a jerk. You could have blocked him immediately at that point.

    Instead you continued because you knew where it was going and you wanted to go there. You were looking forward to entertaining your friends with the messed up conversation you knew was coming. You were looking forward to posting it online and promoting your male body shaming to an online audiance. You were looking forward to having your behavior approved of even though it was probably about as bad as his.

    If you really care about having respectful conversations with people then have them with people who are respectful.

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