Dating : Girl wants to take things slow?

Dating : Girl wants to take things slow?

This girl and I (both 25) had our 2nd date last night. We met off bumble and we have had a good time so far. At the end of the date she asked what I was looking for? I said I wanted to date. She said I like you and think your sweet but I wanna take things slow….I said I understand. She said I’ll talk to you later. We hugged and that was it.

Should I text her saying I had a great time last night? Or is she saying give me space and I’ll get back to you? Really unsure about how to proceed or what she meant by that

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  1. She meant what she said. She wants to take things slow and take her time getting to know you. I don’t think there’s any harm in a text just saying you had a great time.

    From my perspective, taking things slow means keeping dating more platonic than romantic for a while as I really get to know someone before having sex with them. I do think having sex too soon can throw things off in a bad way when you’re trying to figure out if someone is a good potential long term partner.

  2. Just try something like « Hey had a great time it was nice to meet you, I’d like to go out again and I respect that you want to move slow, so let me know if you feel like hanging out again » or something like that

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