Dating : Girls of reddit what would calling a guy calm mean?

Dating : Girls of reddit what would calling a guy calm mean?

Idk why I thought of this recently, but for some reason on two occasions girls have mentioned that I’m calm. I never asked them what they meant because I just didn’t think anything of it, but could that possibly mean. I guess usually I put on a really care free, go with the flow facade, and it makes it seem like I don’t care about things and I’m just whatever about everything.

We got into the conversation and I just said basically that I’m really a kind of anxious and insecure person and it’s kind of a defense mechanism that I’ve put up.

I was kind of wondering what this could possibly mean though, because I’ve gotten this from a couple girls, and someone commented that I was kind of monotone voice or like a surfer bro voice. Idk just thought it was interesting.

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